JY-306 silicone oil emulsion

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silicone oil, water, emulsifier,

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product technical index

1), appearance: the milky liquid
2), ionic characteristics: the non-Ionic
3), PH value: 7
4), oil content: 15 to 70% (according to user requirements)
5), centrifugal stability: 3000 r/min, 15 min stratification, NO floating oil

application: quality is same as Dowcorning E346/349

1), water-based defoaming agent used for non-staple food, printing, dyeing, and chemical industry.
2), mold releasing agent for rubber products, metal castings, glass products and so on.
3), for fabric finishing, can be blended with other auxiliaries, not only suitable for cotton, silk, but also suitable for polyamide, polyester, etc, synthetic fiber. the fabric will be hydrophobic, softness dirty resistance, anti-static, anti-shrink, anti-wrinkle, and can increase the strength of fibers, and at the same time, do not affect fiber’s permeability.

packaging and shipment

1), with clean, airtight plastic coated steel drum packaging, or stored in a cool ventilated place, prevent acid and alkali.

2), the products according to the non-dangerous goods shipment.

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