One: the reasons for impurities and black spots on the surface of silica gel tube:

1: raw materials lead to undesirable. Silica gel tube/strip in the production process of black spot causes 20% of the black spot impurities in the raw materials.

2: secondary rubber refining leads to too many black spots. General compound compound vulcanizing agent failure after long-term storage, then it is necessary to add vulcanizing agent in the new refining, in the secondary refining rubber species may also appear black spot impurities.

3: caused by molding operation. In the production process, the exhaust stroke of the machine is too large, and black spot impurities may be inhaled during the exhaust.

Two: treatment methods for impurities and black spots on the surface of silica gel tube:

1: Before mixing the rubber material, it is necessary to carefully test the product to see whether there are black spot impurities.

2: in the secondary rubber refining process, there may be plastic pollution from the hands and vulcanizing agent and air, resulting in black spot impurities in the products out of vulcanization.

3: in the process of forming operation, the machine peripheral environment and indoor environment requires strict controls, the mold have too much clutter also don’t pay attention to, above the new mould, the phenomenon of the clutter is more, general silicone products processing factory will die first so to sandblast or spray teflon in die keep mould washing clean, it can solve the key spots in bad; In the process of weighing materials need to pay attention to clean hands, will work table and all around may cause black spot impurities all clean up, artificial phenomenon is an important factor in the appearance of bad phenomenon, so when the sorting and rectification of their own good operation habits, prevent the appearance of bad phenomenon of black spots!

Post time: Dec-07-2021