In many industrial production processes will produce some harmful bubbles, in order to eliminate these bubbles, it is necessary to use antifoaming agent. It can eliminate these harmful bubbles very well, so that the quality of the products produced is better, but also can reduce its harm. These foam must add antifoaming agent, antifoaming agent can perfect the treatment of these foam, now the antifoaming agent is also widely used to remove latex, paint and food above the fermentation material and so on, the effect is very good is also widely used in industrial cleaning. General antifoaming agent use methods for three kinds, one is a one-time addition, one is intermittent addition, one is continuous addition, and then with the antifoaming agent experts to see how to use it!

1. a form of joining it is mainly aimed at the closed system, the need for a one-time, rapid addition of antifoaming agent, so that the foam is well controlled, and then in the selection of a certain amount of antifoaming agent added to the system to reasonably control the foam. Of course, it must be suitable to add antifoaming agent, but also to test the treatment consequences of antifoaming agent.

2. intermittent addition of antifoaming agent, the need for timing and quantitative addition, and then with a large number of water mixed together so that it can effectively eliminate foam, of course, but also pay attention to the temperature, must be in the general situation. Wait until the foam generation system, continue to use the right amount of antifoaming agent added to the inside, there is no system do not add antifoaming agent so that the effect will not appear.

3. continuous addition is to use antifoaming agent with water together, regularly added to the foam, repeated several times after the effect will come out.

With the progress of science and technology, the function of antifoaming agent is becoming more and more obvious, and the performance is getting better and better. And now people also begin to pay attention to environmental protection, so in the production of antifoaming agent, as far as possible will be made into environmental protection type, so that when people are in use, will not cause too much harm to people’s health.

Post time: Aug-04-2022