Silicone oil is a colorless, tasteless, non-toxic and non-irritating products, with chemical stability, heat resistance, cold resistance, hydrophobicity, lubrication, high refraction, storage stability and compatibility with long-term cosmetics components. In particular, the low surface tension of silicone oil, the good lubrication of the skin, combined with a suitable viscosity, allows the other components of cosmetics to easily disperse and expand into thin films on the skin. Silica oil can cooperate with vaseline, paraffin, beeswax, wax, lanolin to get non-sticky products; volatile silicone oil can give cosmetics quick drying, smooth and anti-fouling performance. Skin care products made with silicone oil can not only moisturize the skin and form a protective coating against acid, alkali, salt and organic solvents, but also protect the normal breathing of the skin and treat dermatitis and eczema.

Silicone oil has dissolved effects on various vitamins, bacteria and fungicides. Cosmetics made from them form a thin repellent film on the surface of the skin. Not afraid of soap washing, and effectively prolong the effect of nutritional cream and medicine cream. Sunblock added with silicone oil will not be lost by seawater bath or sweat, which can effectively prevent the harm of ultraviolet light. A foundation cream made with silicone oil can protect the skin from pigments and solvents. Antiperspirant deodorant made of silicone oil has no irritation or allergy to the skin, and can reduce pore clogging, clean the skin, and remove stains. Use of silicone oil prepared hair care products such as hair oil, hair cream, mousse, etc., can make any temperature of the hair comb into the desired hairstyle, and can effectively prevent external moisture infiltration or moisture evaporation imbalance. The hair oil such as product with silicone oil, can make the hair soft, smooth, do not tangle, and can maintain hair style stable, reduce blow reason to finalize the design time.

Cosmetics equipped with silicone oil or other siloxane lipstick, powder, eyelash oil, eye ring oil, dye oil, makeup pen, nail polish, perm fluid and blush do not contain too much oil, promote the diffusion and distribution of cosmetic components, and extend the effective time.

Therefore, skin care products contain a silicone oil is good.

Post time: Oct-10-2022