Some time ago, some consumers are talking about silicon color change, which mainly involves the traditional shampoo containing silicone oil. About because of the overwhelming advertising, so that many people have been in the mind that the silicone oil in the shampoo is a “villain” —— we “diligently” wash the hair, but because of it as a stem, resulting in a variety of hair problems. In fact, silicone oil has been working hard in the field of hair care for nearly 50 years, but in recent years, it has suddenly stood at the forefront of the storm, become everyone shouted dozen, it is really some injustice.

In fact, silicone oil usually refers to linear polysililoxane products that remain liquid at room temperature. Generally divided into methyl silicone oil and modified silicone oil two categories. The most commonly used silicone oil —— methyl silicone oil, also known as ordinary silicone oil, its organic groups are all methyl, methyl silicone oil has good chemical stability, insulation, good hydrophobic performance. The popular explanation is that the siloxane Si-O-Si bond constitutes the polymer of the backbone structure. Commonitionally called silicone or polyether, it can be linear, circular or cross-linked polymers.

Silicon-containing raw materials have no conclusive laws and regulatory documents say that harm to the human body, as long as the raw materials used in the “used cosmetics raw materials name catalogue (2015 edition)” can be found, are legal and compliant. Of course, the premise of legal compliance is to add the amount within a certain range. For example, everyone knows that glycerin added has a moisturizing effect, but if you add glycerin content to a lot of cases, glycerin can absorb water from the skin (the osmotic pressure) of the skin instead. This example is to tell the majority of consumers, in the selection of silicon skin care products containing raw materials do not need to panic, as long as the selection of skin care products in the “food and drug Administration” domestic non-special or special use cosmetics inside the case, can be found, that is legal compliance, can rest assured to choose to use.

What does silicone oil add to skin care products do?

A: Good anti-static ability, applied on the skin surface static disappearance, dust removal effect is good;
B: coated on the skin surface to form a layer of good waterproof air permeability protection, and light luster, can be used for foundation liquid waterproof addition;
C: In some cream systems, if the system has more advanced fat alcohol, adding silicone oil can effectively improve the phenomenon of smear and pull white strip;
D: Increase the compatibility of various skin care oils;
E: And it is compatible with many ingredients in cosmetics, can reduce the sense of viscosity, can be used as a co-solvent, solid dispersant. In the refreshing cream, facial cleanser, lotion, lotion, makeup to add;
F: With the effect of slow release and fixed fragrance, prolong the fragrance preservation period and add it in the perfume

Silicone oil is more common, the first thing to think of is polydimethyliloxane, the “polydimethyliloxane” in skin care products inside he is also a more common but very common skin care oil. Like some big brands are using a very cost-effective. For example, Anresha sunscreen, Lancome new essence muscle base liquid and so on are used like some major foreign brands, such as: blue soft water live sunscreen moisturizing gel, Clarins poem clear through sunscreen milk (run pink), etc.

Although many girls see this ingredient at the first glance is refused, but also can not change a lot of cosmetics are added, it has been proved to be no corrosive, non-toxic, no smell safety substance fact, only the formula is reasonable.

Post time: Aug-30-2022